Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 10

And last but not least, there is beside the west end of the retaining wall, two large areas meant to be steps/path to where the doors of the garage will eventually be when i can afford to put one on the slab. However, at teh moment the top stair is full of parsley, carrots and potatoes as well as weeds i was informed the other day. Well not my fault lol i cant even see that garden anymore, because the one below it now has 3 metre high sunflower forest (yes more sunflowers lolol).
Before they grew

and two weeks ago when we nearly lost the dog in there and take into account, this is a fully grown, normal sized, 6 yr old NZ Border Collie, NOT A PUPPY!

Taken tonight (its raining) with back spotties on and these are all viewed from my kitchen window lol.

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