Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 05

That garden originally did have a mature orange and a massive mandarin tree, but those were both systemically poisoned with malathion by a previous neighbour (who thought he was helping) and the future fruits were not only bitter to taste but caused the eater to vomit uncontrollably for hours, so both trees were totally cut down and destroyed as there was no way i was having my then small (toddler) son eating one of those fruits. See the pic below, well the massive big tree in the top left of the pic, that was the mandarin tree, it was at least 5 metres tall and twice as wide.

It also now has a heap of golden canes that are slowly thickening up and growing taller and will eventually screen out the houses behind us. Also up there are two old variagated ficus trees that along with a few others in the area, all died off at once (age?) and are now in the role of trellis to support my choko vines. Whatever chokos drop from the vines the cattle dog eats, she is very self sufficient in this way and we dont mind her eating the chokos when she seems to enjoy them so much. As well as the slab which at the moment is used for storage of materials such as tiles and the kids like to build shanties whenever we have large sheets of cardboard.

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