Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 09

Infront of the Scent Garden, I had a flat area that housed the kids swings and trampoline, until DBF decided to turn it into a vegi garden (tramp and swings now on slope between the mango garden and the slab). He made quite a nice garden really (DD then 5 helped trench it and dig in around 100kgs of well rotted horse manure, she is rather handy with a shovel and gets very upset if she isnt allowed to help, unlike DS who would rather lay on the trampoline with his latest book lolol). It has had quite a few successful vegies in it and then it was overtaken by his sunflowers, which for some reason he didnt expect them to strike or grow (old packet) and ended up with around 100 fully grown sunflowers. He has just recently cut all but one of these down to the ground and chopped them into inch long peices and thrown back into the garden (he cuts all his mulch by hand with secateurs, lol even palm fronds end up having this done to them).

Now as the title says, We have feast or famine here at the moment in this particular garden bed. At one stage we had soo many bok and pak choys that half of it was given away to friends, i used roughly 1/4 of it and the rest was added to the compost as extra fuel (and the compost ends up being used back in the garden anyway, so very good recycling lol). Then we got hit with bad hail (well our place did pretty good in consideration to downtown where a lot of cars and buildings got written off) but it hit our tomato plants so hard that rather than growing they all started dying back, but as with natures self defense mechanism, they decided to bear as many offspring as possible and we ended up with zillions (i literally had to sort through 8kg of tomatoes from one days harvest) that went from green to ripe to rotten in one or two days. This kept going over a week or so period and we couldnt harvest them fast enough let alone give enough away, so there were at least 10kg that were recycled (and plenty that i threw out the window randomly into the vegie patch while sorting rotten from ok to reclaim my kitchen sink back again, which means there will be multitudes of new plants sprouting soon).

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