Saturday, 10 November 2007

Whats in Mr.Moo's Head??

Whats in my head? What a strange quesiton. Well what I think thats in my head is all of my nine and the quatar (3/4?) life expirense and all my thoughts but who really knows. Who really knows whats in my head. Ther could be millions of trees of infomation or there could only by one gigantic evergreen tree that sprouts infomation every day. Or ther could be a ginte manshon with lots of little rooms. Each room has its own thing licke a room for vidio game memorys and another room for other memory. I have absolutly no idear what is inside my head. Ther could be a ship load thresnur boxes full of memory or maby thats just my amaganation working over board. Not that its my amaganation that is inside my head.

Parental Note : LOL couldn't resist, had to share this with you all. When i asked him to write about what is in his head i expected answers like brain, grey stuff, water, blood, eyes etc as he is quite interested in my physiology and anatomy posters and loves Mr.Bones - our resident loungeroom skeleton. The mind of the 9 year old is quite amazing, I loved all his analogies and the fact that he uses them together, ie a ship load, treasure boxes and overboard in the one sentence and a mansion with rooms and a forest compared to a single tree. I am blown away literally with this page.


Precious_1 said...

That is terrific!! Great use of word pictures.

I don't think I would have expected that either if I had asked the same question of Lou. I may just have to do that and she what she says...... lol

kelley said...

I would have got brains and blood and stuff from Boo and Too.... absolutely fantastic writing there!

Dollfinn! said...

LOL Kelley i was certainly expecting brain, blood etc. He talked to me about it earlier and said "i hope you dont mind mum but i wrote it as if i was talking to someone else" LOL NO I DONT MIND, I AM REELING IN AMAZEMENT!! This is the kid that has fought writing about anything for years and years. WHY WOULD I MIND HIM ACTUALLY WRITING SOMETHING ENTERTAINING! LOLOL thats WHY I had to share it. I considered scanning it in, but i doubt many people would be able to read it, it is definitely nowhere near the beautiful writing that i saw in Your Boo's addition to the Honeydukes Shop sign.