Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 06

Then there is the east fenceline, that originally i couldnt see past as the neighbours yard was full of mature plants, until she passed away and the new owners levelled the entire yard. Now i can see at least ten houses i never wanted to see, including one whose occupants drive me up the wall, caterwauling the most horrendous songs and destroying even the best songs all day and night and in summer with windows open, it makes it a nightmare to spend time in my own yard.

So we prepared and planted a LARGE section with different citrus fruits, several oranges, several mandarins, a bush lemon, another lemon (unknown species, it was $3 from the nursery as it had lost its tags, so they knew it was a lemon but not what kind and therefore couldnt sell it at normal retail cost), a variagated cumquat (i love these things and so do the kids, best form of sour lolly ever lol) and Dear Sons pride and joy, his Lemonade Tree, that he paid for out of his own money and this year it had its first ever fruit, just one, but for a 1 year old plant, hey thats not bad (we nipped all the other buds off to get it to mature better before bearing too heavy a crop). Intermixed is the rampant sweet potato, the line of lavenders, and some acacia/golden wattles (which i managed to kill most of the first time round by planting them in the manure rich soil that the citruses like, so the survivors were moved a metre out into the yard and are slowly getting back to normal).

Now this "screen" isnt blocking things out overnight, but by next year, they should be tall enough that i dont have to see the singing freak (see my profile for the type of songs this guy sings and you will know why i dont like my kids hearing him) AND even better, they will have nice crops on them, providing further hail this summer doesnt strip all the flowers off.

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