Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 02

(left) my clivia finally flowered
(right) my table arrangement, all from my gardens.

Vegies, fruits, edible natives. We have loads of them and the front garden is such an ecclectic mix that most people dont believe it til they see the pumpkins snaking their way through and over the calistemon, the citronella geranium, the gooseberry bushes, up and over the 3 metre tall moonlight grevillea, getting tangled with the nasturtiums and lavenders and the leaves of the strawberry plants popping up from inbetween.

Add in my favourite herb, a kaffir lime, rocket, more gooseberries, some more grevilleas in a few different shades, a very mature lomandra, and many many other plants as well as some little rock paths, a garden seat hidden between the lomandra and the beautiful and fast growing melaleuca and my favourite little purple flowering seaside daisies.


lightening said...

LOL. I thought something was wrong with my bloglines reader when it listed you with 9 new posts! Nope! LOLOL. Are we talking feast or famine in the garden or on the blog???? :-)

LOVE the pics and I'm sooooo jealous of your garden!!!!!

Kelley said...

I'm with lightening, I had almost given up on you!

But I know you have more important things lately. Have been sending those vibes :)

Wanna come and do my garden? Looks tasty!

Precious_1 said...

we once had a pumpkin vine growing through the backyard, down the side of the house and over the side fence! lol

I love lomandra - I have a spot near my back verandah that I think will be perfect for it.

great pics and fantastic assortment of plants!!

Dollfinn! said...

Lightening your gardens not looking to bad either, especially considering the difference in amounts of rain, for instance our garden bucket got left out in the front yard on thurday, it was empty, it now has close to 20 cms deep water in it and its a large circumference bucket too (about 35cm diameter). So that is two days worth of rain for us.

Dollfinn! said...

LOL Kelley, not sure DBF is able to travel that far yet, still needs to get himself a vehicle (saving madly).

And yes, was away a bit, brain was just too stressed there for a bit.
Hehe might post my assignment just to bore the socks off of everyone. But at least you will see where all the brain and writing power dissapeared too for a while.

Thanks for the vibes!

Dollfinn! said...

Precious, just dont do what the councils and garden shows do and hack back the lomandra each season. Mine has only had two haircuts, one rather severe one when it had a disease from being overfed scraps (and lego and whatever else baby DD and preschooler DS managed to throw over the verandah railings). Every year the council severely chops all their lomandras back (and thats a good 300 or so around town) and they all look like they took to them with a whipper snipper (and probably did).

LOL at the pumpkin vine. Ours last season went everywhere and at one stage DBF was trimming back the citronella geranium (gap filler atm and grows rampantly as well) and found two fully grown pumpkins hiding in there. We were still eating pumpkins up until august this year from last years crop and that was only 2 or 3 vines (we had more out the back but bloody dog ate all of those).