Saturday, 10 November 2007

Holidays Here I Come!!

Well today was the last exam for me, for this year anyway. I am soo tired mentally and physically that it was just a huge weight lifted to finish that exam. I still dont have my results, will be checking madly until December 3rd when they are officially released (but i still get unofficial results via unit assessors and also my essay will be posted back to me with marks and comments, and hopefully these will be soon).

I was thinking today that "i just have to get this exam done and then I am on holidays" over and over as my mantra to stay calm before the exam and while waiting for everyone to be seated and ready and for the start to be announced. That was thanks to one of the girls who wrote a repeated mantra in one of her emails to FIA last night.

So now i have at least 13 weeks with no study needed (might do some anyway just as prereading for next years units) so time to destress, start eating more regular and consistent meals (and hopefully lose a few kilos along the way), decrease my caffeine intake (*lol Kelley dont fret, its just for the holidays while i try to shed kilos, as soon as uni starts back it goes right back up to keep my from falling flat on my face during classes) oh and maybe get some more sleep.

I would also like to fix up the hallway cupboard, move linen back into it from my wardrobe, which would then allow me to fit my clothes in there (instead of the floordrobe). I then have to empty my room, get an electrician in there to rewire the lightswitch (which i have to reach above my head to turn on and off) down to a more reasonable height, install a new ceiling fan (because mine on high is like anyone elses on lowest speed and we dont have aircon) and install new ceiling lights (because the one on the fan shits me when trying to read with fan on and the light sways back and forth lol). Then I can patch and paint the walls and trims and get the carpet people to come do my room (hallway and kids rooms already carpeted for nearly 2 weeks now, its lovely) and then move everything back in, culling and sorting the chaos as it goes back in so that I can have a nice clean tidy uncluttered room too (and maybe have somewhere to put my sewing machine for easy use).

Then I have to empty, clean, patch and paint the loungeroom and dining room and the few little bits of wall in the kitchen (its all one big U shaped room really) as well as all the window trims before getting the carpet guys back again to put carpet in the loungeroom and one of those little crossover doobies between the carpet and the dining room tiles.

This I hope to get completed before christmas lol, not that there is any rush as there is no parties here, no family to drop in and noone but the kids, DBF and I to notice, but then it is for us to enjoy, so doesnt really matter if noone else sees it. The only reason I want it done before Christmas is that I also need to empty, patch, paint the laundry and retile the floor (and at least two tiles high along the bottoms of the walls) and build myself a broom closet in there, before moving to the bathroom.

The bathroom is half done and driving me crazy. I havent had a bath or shower in my own home since April 2004. It is a long saga, but it has come down to me doing all the repairs myself, and so far i have removed all damaged and rotting walls, supports, bathframe and bathtub. Rebuilt the supports and bathframe and installed the bathtub.

This however doesnt mean its yet useable, it needs to be plumbed into drainage which requires two people, one in the bathroom and one under the house, and then the gap filler sprayed in to stop the spiders, roaches, rodents from getting under the tub. DO YOU KNOW HOW OFFPUTTING IT IS TO SIT IN THE BATHTUB WHILE A RAT CHEWS ON THE DRAINPIPE FROM UNDERNEATH YOUR FEET AND THE WHOLE TUB VIBRATES!!

Then i have the lovely job of cutting all the cement sheeting (waterproof fibro stuff) to size and walling in the underneath of the tub and replacing the walls around the tub. They need silicone beading between the bottom of the sheets and tub, membranes in the corner and all coated in waterproof, nonpermeable membranous goo.

Once that is done I can look at the tiling of all that sheeting. I CAN do it myself BUT I DONT WANNA!!! My grandmother and Aunty have helped with the cost of the materials i already have and have offered to help towards tiling, but so far the only quote i have (tiles and grout included) is for well over $1000. Considering I can buy all the tiles and glue and grout for $400 max, I am having conniptions about paying over $1000. Will be getting more quotes when I am closer to that stage.

the final stage is getting the glass screen wall made and fitted for the end of the tub as it is a shower/tub combination, fitting a rod for the curtain to go from the wall to the screen and finally putting all the taps and shower head etc back into their places.


Right, well off to bed early tonight, going to start my holiday health kick with trying to get more sleep.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


Kelley said...

Sounds like you need a pink fluffy toolbelt like mine!

I love renos but don't envy you with yours.

Good luck giving up caffeine while trying to achieve all this babe!

Precious_1 said...

How's it all going? You got much more done since I was talking to you the other day? How's it going with getting your sleep back into whack? Are you still loving your short hair? Where are our regular updates?? huh huh?? lol

Get your act together woman!! I need my Erin fix!! lmao