Monday, 19 November 2007

Menu Planning

Aye Aye Aye what am I thinking??

LOL well Lightening's weekly organisation is rubbing off a little (only just a little mwuhahaha) so I figured I would take up her challenge and attempt a menu plan, BUT don't expect any fancy restaurant labels, lol I have a hard enough time working out a single meal each night that all of us can eat. If I plan for all meals to include DBF, then I have three of us that cannot have wheat/gluten and two that cannot have dairy and one that cannot have egg, two of us that cannot eat fish other than whiting or cod and there is only four of us in total!


Tonight being Monday, we are having a Corned Silverside (from a butcher who DOES NOT USE WHEAT AS A PRESERVATIVE! UNLIKE COLES & WOOLIES!!) Added to this we will have some zuchinni (bought from farmer charlies as my plant only has baby ones just yet), Cos lettuce (from the garden) and maybe some tomatoes if there are any ripe (i am lazy, i just look out the window and direct DBF as to which vegies/fruits I might like this evening).

Tuesday, hmm well we shall be having Snags (coles does wheat free ones in their normal bbq snag range) and jasmine rice and frozen vegies steamed and then cooked with a drizzle of honey for taste.

Wednesday is no kids night, we are having steak, rice and cooked zucchini with some herbs added and homemade gravy (meat juices, water and a titch of salt thickened).

Thursday, well I will be going shopping as by then we are out of all meat, chicken etc.

So, most likely to be diced Chicken Thigh fillets, Jasmine Rice, zuchini, carrot, Green Thai Curry Paste and Coconut Cream.

Friday, well depending on the weather, we will be going to Little Athletics in the evening, so it will need to be a nutritious afternoon snack when Boo gets home from school, so baked beans for Boo (her favourite lol)and an Omellete with cheese for Moo and Myself. After we come home, we will have a smaller snack, maybe some diced cheese, apple and carrot and some sultanas. Accompanied by a glass of chocolate Milk.

Saturday Diced Chicken Thigh fillets, steamed veg with honey glaze and jasmine rice, all stirred in together to look like fried rice.

Sunday meat of some description (steak or mince if its cheap enough), garden salad with vinaigrette dressing.

Ok well thats the plan, will see how we go at sticking to it. At least tonights will be ok as the corned meat is currently cooking away.


lightening said...

Mmmmmm.....chocolate milk......

Love your descriptions. They're very YOU (yes, of course that's a GOOD thing!!!!). :-)

Precious_1 said...

howd you go with your menu this week?