Saturday, 10 November 2007

Why Happy Mums are more preferbal.

Happy mums are preferibal over angry mums because thay will smack when there angry but thay will give gags (pn : i think this is meant to say hugs??? lolol) when ther happy. When thay are happy thay might allso give you privilges and treats. Mums arnt usually angry exept when your grumpy and when you are naughty. We all love our mums and our mums love us but when we be naughty our mums just hate it because they think everyone who is around us is thinking what badly behaves children thay must have a teribal mother. So thats why thay get cranky with us & thay love good behavior and might try and give you a resonble sise present if you are good for a long peiriod of time just like me Mum said she might hire Transformers tonight. Thats why I love Happy Mums.

Parental Note : PMSL I HAD TO SHARE THIS ONE. DS was bugging me and driving me crazy on monday just after my exam and my brain was just too tired to think of an exciting journal topic, so I growled out that he could write why he would prefer a happy mother to a cranky one. I must admit to not believing that half the stuff I tell him actually sinks in, but apparently the good behaviour when in public lecture took hold in there somewhere, now if it will just put itself into action the next time we go grocery shopping!!

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Precious_1 said...

That shows a bit of insight.