Saturday, 10 November 2007

For Precious_1 from Mr.Moo aka DS9

Playing Fire bugs is very dangerous because you could burn your self with the stick you are using to play fire bugs. Or you could set your clothes on fire and that is defenetly not good or you could burn the trees around you while you are playing fire bugs. Or you could set some dry grass or sticks on fire. Never Ever Ever play fire bugs without a perant or gardions permition and super visrtoion. Allso never ever ever put a smoldering stick on the ground unless you put it on a peas of cement that close not and wont be any.

Parental Note : I havent corrected the spelling mistakes and the last sentence had me straining my brain and eyes trying to work out the last six words in the chicken scrawl it was presented in. BUT it seems DS got the general message about playing Fire Bugs (he says it as buggies).


Precious_1 said...

rofl!! I only said about the dry grass!

He knew all that, just didn't want to take YOUR word for it! lolol

Very good!

I'll send him up a FireWise present for that effort.

Dollfinn! said...

Hehe i showed him the comments, he is all embarrassed now that i put it in a public place. I explained that its only my friends that read it, not everyone from the public knows where to find the blog and that settled his worries a bit.

He asked me what a firewise present is, so i take it the bush firies dont visit the private or christian schools here, he didnt even know what a rural or bush firie was. DD has mentioned the town truck (which is stationed just around the corner from us) having visited the school but i think that is because some of those firies have kids at the school too.

Do the RFS do training programs for kids to learn respect of fire and how to deal with it??

I used to know an RFS guy up here, he was a computer tech too. Havent seen him local for a few years now (although ran into him at primex last year i think it was) as he moved his way up the RFS ladder and became a regional or area commander or somthing along those lines, a paid position anyways. He was a lovely bloke (knew him from before I had kids, he was on my ten pin bowling league team). but now I have no idea who is on any of the RFS teams here.

Precious_1 said...

awww. lol

FireWise is what we call the community education work of the RFS. There are many branches of FireWise including a programme for in the schools. It is aimed at younger kids (infants). There should also be community open days in September (yeah I know not much good to you know) where the stations are open to the public.

We have some stuff in our station that we give away at shows etc - the colouring books would be a bit young for him, but some of the info flyers might be suitable and there are stickers/balloons/etc. I even got hold of some RFS yo-yo's the other week! LOL They usually visit any school that asks - might be worth asking your school to ask them about.

At age 12 kids can become junior members (if you can find a brigade that has juniors) That may be worthwhile looking into when he's older. My CJ is busting for her 12th b/day so she can join our brigade. She'll be the first junior we've had for a few years though.

Dollfinn! said...

Cool thanks Precious. By the time he is 12 we should be on our way outbush for a few years and then permanently when we get our acreage, so more likely to be RFS stations than town fire brigades in places like Bourke, Brewarrina, Coonabarabran and Tenterfield areas. So a program like that would be fantastic for him.

LOL I can bet CJ will enjoy being a junior at the same place that mum and dad are. I am surprised she hasnt already managed to convince you to let her unofficially join.