Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 04

The back garden is different, it is one backyard but garden wise it has several different sections. First there is the original garden wayyy up the back, it goes the full length of the back fenceline, which is reasonably long and borders three different houses from the next street. This original garden has a mature macca tree, mature mulberry, a number of banana trees (mainly ladyfinger variety), several palms (that i forgot i had because the macca had grown around them lol) and one golden penda tree that has NEVER flowered in the 7 or 8 years since i planted it, yet it is most definitely a golden penda and very healthy.

You can see the frames that will eventually be my chookhouse. Its just taking me a while between renovating the inside of the house, kids, life, uni (exam week this week) and all the rest of the stuff, let alone the rain and getting the materials together (the posts and small concrete pats were new, but the rest of the frame will be wire, corrugated iron and other materials i already have lying around (literally cause i dont have a garage or shed to put them in yet).

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Precious_1 said...

we just discovered that we have a mullberry tree in our backyard. Its dropping berries all over the place. Unfortunately its at the entrance to our backyard so the kids are treading them all over the house sigh