Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feast or Famine - part 07

In the centre of the yard is our mango tree (getting close to 3metres tall and going on 3 yrs old now as well as being grafted, so we are in hope its about to fruit) and our nectarine and peach trees (they had such lovely flowers and masses of fruit til it hailed, then all the fruit hit the ground and before we could rescue said fruit, our blasted cattle dog ate the lot of it (lol last year she ate all the pumpkins off the vine and the year before all the roma tomatoes). There is another citrus in that little configuration too, but for the life of me i forget what it is. There was also the chocolate sapote that had been transplanted there to try and save it (was originally with the citrus acacia line but suddenly went downhill) but it didnt survive.

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