Monday, 26 November 2007

TV QUIZ =Nightmare!

LOL have you ever sat and watched tv quiz shows, know the answers and been so frustrated when the person on the show has a hunch and their hunch is correct, but they waste all their lifelines because they are not sure themselves. You feel like screaming at the tv. lol no wonder i try not to watch these shows often, they are not good for my blood pressure I am sure!

Now often they have phone in competitions for the viewers at home to have a go for some quick cash as they say. DS often tells me i should enter these and its true, i havent yet gotten any of them wrong, so tonight, being the last night of the show for 2007, i decided to enter. Hell I should KNOW the answer to the phone in question, the amount of times I have heard Kelley mention MOVEMBER!

Problem is, I am absolutely freakingly terrified that if they do pick me, that i will go totally blank when they ask me the question. You still get $5000 for getting the phone in question correct, but the other question, also worth $5000, well everyone and anyone will see the show, see the persons name on the screen and hear their answer. So to get it wrong on national tv, there is my worst nightmare lol.

But then, even $5000 would make my life so much better at the moment, so lets hope they call me and lets hope i dont make a total fool of myself lol, cause God only knows I could do with that money badly (as could we all in this day and age I am sure) to fix the car, pay off debts, stock up the pantry properly etc etc .

I think I should enter a few more competitions that involve email or mail lol, so much less stress, so if you know of any legit comps to enter, let me know lolol.

Edit: LOL well it wasnt me, but lol if anyone in australia didnt know the answer to that question there is something wrong lolol.


Precious_1 said...

awwww. I hope its you next time (even if its next year)

Hows the bathroom coming?

Kelley said...

You linked to the whole catergory!! Freaking heck I seem obsessed with it!

Only 2 more sleeps and then he is taking the thing off at 12.01am!!

AND the end of NaBloPoMoFO yippeee!!

so what was the other question?

Anonymous said...


You can't start a blog and post heaps and then nothing!!! AND LEAVE ME HANGING!

And no long comments on my blog *sob* I am missing you!

stupid freaking blogger has changed the way you do comments if you are not with blogger....


Dollfinn! said...

Oh, well lol I am currently battling the idiocacy that is 32 bit versus 64 bit. Will rant on that later, when i finish installing the semblance of internet security by patching multiple standalones together to make a workable system. (and no mac doesnt have any better support for 64 bit than windows does).

Lol sorry for leaving you hanging hun. I am sure I will have plenty of posts to read on your blog by the time i have time to read them (maybe this week lol). This is the first time I have been to my own blog for days, cant imagine how many hundred FIA posts and blog posts will be awaiting me once i get my email access back (right must go solve that issue now lol before I forget again).

Dollfinn! said...

Hmm lol i should probably pay more attention to my spelling before hitting the publish button. LOLOL.

Precious_1 said...

Any success yet?

Precious_1 said...






nbeltane said...

hi i have tagged you for a meme over at