Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thoughts for Thursday!

For household use, especially when remembering which telemarketer rang you today :

For Kelley, and all the other mothers whose survival (and children/coworkers survival) depends on mums coffee intake:

And a recent picture of Me:

Enjoy Your Day.


Kelley said...


I saw that comic when my coffee machine was broken. It wasn't funny THEN. Tis now.

Thanks for the giggle babe, and I KNOW you are a lot less hairy than that....

And much better looking!

Precious_1 said...

love the hair darl! And you don't look the least bit stressed!lmao

Erin! said...

LOL Thanks Kel, and lol I come close to being that hairy sometimes, especially when i wake up to find a cat tail draped across my face and mouth. Good thing I am not allergic to cat hair!

Yes Precious, I swear thats how i feel most days, that or in a total fog.

Bettina said...

I can't stand cats sleeping near my face!! I love my furbabies, but they do not get to sleep above waist height in the bed!

Kelley said...

Get your bottom over to my blog babe. Got another award for you!!!!


lightening said...

Erin! You have a blog!!!! And 11 posts!!! And I'm only just finding out about it??????????

Shame on you!!!!!

Precious_1 said...

rofl! - bit behind the ball aye!! lmao

Erin! said...

LOL, well you shall have to change that post about your first award there lightening, you have two now!