Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Blogs are still quite strange to me, I have avoided creating one until now, the same way I have avoided writing a journal or a diary.

For one, its out there on the net, where anyone can see it, and I am sure there are ways to find even the totally private and unadvertised blogs.

Secondly, my thoughts are often random and strange, my brain constantly shuffles random bits of information through my head, all day and all night. It has kept every single bit of information it has ever seen, heard or read just for the simple purpose of driving everyone around me batty and to deny me the opportunity for blissful slumber.

I quite often stay quiet in group or public conversations, as I have learnt the hard way that NOONE likes a KNOW IT ALL, even if they desperately need the bit of information I have in my head, they still won't appreciate me knowing it when they don't. I have had a teacher hit me over the head with a maths book and a police officer slap me for being able to correctly answer every single question she asked me (i was 10 years old at that point). I have had friends tell me that they can't be seen in public with me as being openly smart is not considered popular.

So with all of this combined, I am wary of putting myself out here in the public forum where people can not only read it, they can comment on it.

However, in consideration of the novel length emails as well as the multiple and large comments I often leave on other peoples blogs, as well as a huge bundle of stress related nervous energy that I can't expel physically at the moment, I decided to start my own blog instead of taking over the comments pages of the people I find interesting.

So anyway, I don't promise to be interesting or funny, I am eccentric and egocentric and quite often I am downright boring. I am also very stubborn (my father and grandmother are Taurus's and whilst I am a Virgo, I inherited their major stubborn streak), fiercely independant, quick to anger but I do not hold many grudges (the exceptions are for people who have knowingly and willingly hurt me or my children or the other people in my life that I care about) . For all of the above, I am actually a nice person, I am caring, I have great empathy for many people, animals, conditions, I am a sentimental fool about people, places, objects, songs (gee and i wonder why i have issues with clutter physically and mentally).

LOL it is as the title suggests, rantings from a self admitted Walking Dictionary, although I warn you in advance, I am not always politically correct, I have had two children and wayyy to much Eostrogen, and I was born a blonde, so if it sounds ditzy or dumb at the same time as being technically proficient, that is just me, I cant help it. I drive most people insane, and I would not be able to live with someone just like me, I would probably murder them within the first week.

This is my blog, consider yourself warned.
So if you don't like it, don't keep reading it!! If you do like it, please let me know.



Precious_1 said...

yayy Erin!!!
All looks good darl! Looking forward to reading

Kelley said...

Hey gorgeous! Congrats on joining us!

Does this mean that you won't be commenting on my blog anymore? That would make me sad.

Don't forget to pick up your blog bling I gave you, LMAO

And one tiny little weeny request. can you change the colour of the text? The purple, while lovely, is really hard on the eyes and knowing you as I do your marathon sized posts (shit you posted 4 in your first day? That rivals even me!) will give me a headache!

Hugs and smootches

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin!! Welcome to Blogdom. Am I allowed to say welcome when I don't have my own blog. That sounds like it would have to be PC and I am not always good at that either.

So, welcome to Blogdom, looking forward to reading more.


Dollfinn! said...

LOL Priscilla, I have been commenting on blogs for ages without having one, of course you are welcome to comment, go for it!

Thanks Bettina, LOL it was really cathartic to get some of the stuff out of my head, I often wonder if I scare people when I send them 2000 word emails (i word count them now lol just for the fun of seeing how big it was)or my choice of topics, especially if i dont get a reply for ages, it makes me worry I have frightened the life out of them.

Hey Kelley, I will come get that bling and dont you worry, I wont be stopping my commentary on your blog or anyone elses, lol I have to go somewhere to get inspiration to write stuff here, and I always get a great laugh and huge grin reading the daily adventures of the tubbies.

Does the new font colour work better on the eyes??

I wouldnt have noticed, I spend that many hours staring at the screen I can read it in almost any colour now, although yellow is a little hard lol. So thankyou for telling me Hun.

Precious_1 said...

lol Erin at word counting yourself!! You don't scare me none! lmao