Thursday, 18 October 2007

8 random things from my kitchen...& More about You...

Ok well tagged for this by Nicole , lol well my kitchen, hmm good thing i cleaned it today, so let's see :

1. Lots of Dead Flowers - I got the most gorgeous bouquet of natives as a thankyou present several years ago now and they are all long dead and still looking gorgeous in the corner near my sink.

2. 2 x cordless drills - because i have three cupboard doors that the hinges broke and bought new hinges for, but can NOT buy a screwdriver bit to match the damn screws the kitchen guy put in them, I even took the entire door into three hardware shops and was told that the particular type of "torque" screw is NO LONGER MANUFACTURED SO THEY NO LONGER SELL BITS TO MATCH IT ARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

3. vegi scraps - waiting to go to the compost bin, they tend to wait several days as the person responsible for them often is "too tired" to do his one daily chore.

4. Loads of magnets, including five copies of the same magnet, because every time i go to the chemist lately they put a new magnet in the bag with my scripts.

5. More flowers - silk variety this time.

6. 10kg bag of rice - waiting for the remaining 2kg of the previous 10kg bag to be used up, so the new bag will fit in the containers.

7. A yellow and red beany teddy bear that says Best Mum.

8. Multiple figurines, including our Chinese year of birth ones, the Snake for DD and Myself, the Ox for DS and the Tiger for DBF.

Lol loads more random bits n bobs as well.

And this one :

More About You

1. Something I do well: Anything that I put my mind too
2. Something I'd like to improve on: Ability to keep my focus, not get sidetracked so easily
3. My favourite food: Milk
4. Three words that describe me best: Nurturing, Bossy, Dictionary.
5. My happiest moment: Um I don't know which one was the happiest, any that involves seeing my kids do well, that makes them beam with self confidence, like Boo getting 2nd place at Zone last year, even though it was her first zone comp and she still couldn't skip with her left leg and had trouble balancing, or two weeks ago when DS made his very own cup of tea including boiling the kettle on the gas cooktop and then sitting down with a look of content normally only seen on a well fed cat.
6. The most important thing in my life right now: My kids!

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