Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Hehe, am all fidgety now, hmm i just remembered, i have lollies stashed where the kids couldnt find them. mmm off to eat lollies now.

Well, i just picked them up and guess what they have in great big writing on the packet, no its not the brandname, they dont have one on the front at all, its tucked away in small writing on the back near the barcode, on the front is a big circle with 99% fat free.

This makes me laugh and makes me angry at the same time. How stupid do the manufacturer's really think I am, that I am going to look at the lollies and go "oh well they only have 1% fat, so I can eat lots of them compared to that other brand".

HELLO, the main ingredient is sugar, the second main ingredient is wheat glucose syrup (so i probably should not be eating this brand at all). it is a 100g packet and total sugars comes to 57g, which means 57% of this product is sugar. What does sugar become when it is metabolised, well lets see:

Insulin stores sugar for later use, it stores it in two different forms, one for short term storage (quick access, muscle food), the other in long term storage, which is FAT. It doesnt store it half and half either, it depends what you are doing when it is being stored, so if you are running on a treadmill it is going to put it straight into quick access, so burn it as energy, but if you are sitting in a chair writing your blog post, as I am doing, it is going to put the majority of it into long term storage which equals MORE FAT.

So, if I take 57% of sugar and it all metabolises to fat, THEN THESE LOLLIES ARE NOT REALLY FAT FREE!!!

Advertising is so misleading, I hate it, really hate it. Obviously I voice it enough, because my kids now comment about what certain adds are depicting and how its not really true, the add isnt blatantly lieing, but they are not telling the whole truth either and they use pictures that are unrelated to the words so that while they might say the truth, your brain, which the majority of us process pictures first over sound, you see what the picture is saying and dont even hear the words.

Now in justification for myself because i am knowingly eating this 100g of lollies that contains wheat in it, I have read in one of my text books (possibly Frederick Martini - Anatomy & Physiology, but i have at least ten books right next to me on A&P as well as nutrition) that people who bounce their legs and tap their fingers whilst sitting, actually burn fat, especially the leg bouncers because the thigh and calf muscles are the hungriest muscles, so if you really cant be bothered to get out of your chair, sit there and try bouncing your legs really fast for ten minutes, I BET YOU THAT YOU WILL FEEL THE MUSCLE HAS WORKED AFTERWARDS!!! Only problem is the screen shakes at the same speed.

The lollies taste nice though!

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