Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Ditz Moments

Have you had a Ditz Moment??

Lol I have had so many it really isn't funny anymore, well not to me anyway. Although my horrid friends and family think it is, they quite enjoy laughing at some of my Ditz Moments.

The worst one to spring to mind at this moment is my handbag.

The people at Bunnings know me by sight because i managed to leave my handbag and mobile on the checkout and didn't even notice they were missing until my best friend rings me the next day. She says" I got a really weird phone call from your mobile this morning!" at this point I am confused because I was asleep this morning, having stumbled out of bed to find the offending landline (which is cordless and forever getting misplaced). My friend laughs and then says " Bunnings staff found your mobile and handbag where you left them at the checkout last night, so they rang the last person you had called to find out how to contact you". Thankfully that was my best friend rather than the kids school, how embarrassing would that have been lol.

You are now asking yourself how I managed to leave both handbag and mobile behind and not notice, well my keys have a clip on them, so I attach them to the belt loops of my jeans or over my little finger if i am not wearing jeans. My purse was in my handbag, and i had a handful of hardware items and 2 kids buzzing around me. So I have put my handbag down to unzip it and extract my purse, which then required two hands to get cards out, sign for purchase, get receipt, stuff it into purse and try to extricate myself, kids and purchases out of the checkout so the people behind me don't get roadrage at my slowness (I am really clumsy and checkouts just seem to be the one place where i can't move fast enough).

So i carried out my purse and already had my keys, as well as trying to hang onto a then 5 year old who has NO road sense (too busy yapping and singing) and my then almost 9 yr old, who just isnt altogether there somedays, he is unofficially (we are working on the official bit) somewhere on the Autistic Spectrum and he just doesn't see traffic, people or objects sometimes. He ran straight into a pole the other day, it is mounted in a 30cm square brick pilon and is one end of a shade sail, he didn't see it, yet we walk past it almost every single day.

Just getting both kids safely to my car whilst trying to carry purchases is enough to frazzle my brain somedays and this particular day was not an exception. Coming home I have automatically put my purse and keys in their spots, so my head has ticked off the put personal items away.

Unfortunately for me, my purse and handbag are a matching set picked out by DD to match my tattoo. The purse and handbag are mint green with a little fairy sitting in the flowers and has glittery wings etc, and other than a young girl (approximately 5 years old) at the shopping centre recently, I have never seen anyone else with this same handbag or purse, and obviously neither have the bunnings staff, because they still (its been almost 18mths) comment "oh thats the handbag that was left here last year, isn't it?" My best friend still ribs me for it everytime she sees my handbag as well.

This is why it has been hiding in my bedroom for months and I just carry the purse, keys and mobile (i go to Bunnings at least once a fortnight thanks to my forever needing fixing house).

Lol well I am sure I will think of many more Ditz moments to post later on, I will have you all dieing of laughter sooner or later.


Precious_1 said...

I usually leave my keys behind, but of course that means that I can't get into the car and backtrack to find them immediately

nbeltane said...

im always losing my keys, even have my name on them but still manage to lose them usuallu around the house on account of the only placei really go is DD's school.