Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I am tired, study is mindwarping and its raining AGAIN!! So instead of finding out if Ovarian Cancers can have teeth (my answer was yes, just have to back it up with a page number for evidence) my head was thinking this little ditty:

Its Raining Again!! I cant hear me over the noise of it pouring!!
Im studying female reproductive disorders while everyone else is snoring,
If I jump into bed, my knee will hurt so much I will NEED to bang my head
And I will still have to get up at some awfully early hour in the morning.

Now dont all gag at once, lol I never claimed to be a poet or a songwriter. It was shorter when i first sang it, but the novelist in me had to put two verses into one, it describes it so much better!

Ok well back to hysterectomies, vulvectomies, kegels, fistulas and other such stuff that i will be required to answer questions on later today. Good thing I am female and already know half this stuff and can answer without blushing. I think that comes from having children, lol after half the medical staff in the area have seen you naked with a kids head sticking out, then there is no reason to blush when saying words like vagina, vulva, penis etc. Funny thing (well from my warped point of view) is our tutor blushed lololol and she is a fully trained nurse and teacher and not exactly young anymore.

Mwuhahaha being wicked is definitely enjoyable. :p

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