Sunday, 17 February 2008


Hi My Lovelies,

Have missed you all heaps!!!

Am finally sitting here with computer all fixed up (although its temporarily located in the corner of my bedroom, so no room for comfy puter chair, just horrid old kitchen chair or one of the kids chairs lol).

Just a quick catchup, cause I have to be up at 6.45am every morning now, or the kids dont get to the bus ontime, which is a PITA cause I still dont fall asleep til around 4am (even though I have been going to bed by at least 1am each night) and then at uni at 8am *****just 10 mins after kids bus arrives IF it is on time, leaving me roughly 7 mins to drive 5kms, find a parking spot and hobble at least 1km (IF I AM VERY LUCKY TO GET THAT CLOSE) to my first class or lab.


  • we went to Bris for Christmas, was good, more on that later.

  • It rained lots and flooded here several times, although my house only suffered minor flooding cause I live ontop of a mountain and only suffered the 2foot deep water that backed up from the front yard and under the house because it couldnt run down the hill faster than it fell from the sky at several points.

  • My yard now resembles a waist high jungle/swamp that the mower cant get through as it keeps sinking into the quickslime/mud/used-to-be-a-driveway.

  • I never got the painting finished in the loungeroom cause it rains EVERY F***ING DAY!!! and not all my windows are covered by overhanging roof etc.

  • Same goes for rewalling the bathroom, very hard to take cement sheeting outside to cut it with powertools and then paint it with waterproofing goo WHEN IT WONT STOP RAINING!

  • Oh and the piece de resistance - I rearranged my knee! So spent 2 weeks with a large splinty thing (great nurse I am lol cant even remember what its called) wrapped around it, hobbling on crutches (best investment i ever made when i bought those 10 years ago), doped on pain killers that made me spew all over DBF (Hats off to him, he managed to hold me upright while being spewed on, cause I couldnt use the crutches and hold a bowl and get to the bathroom intime) and have since been slowly getting around, stairs are a PITA lol!

  • Mr Moo turned 10, we had a fantastic party for him in Brisbane with my aunty and one of my brothers (the other one didnt turn up - asshat as Kelley would say)

  • Mr Moo has almost got his Official Dx (Diagnosis). The Paediatrician has written in his files that Mr Moo is most definitely On the Spectrum. Now we just have to go do lots of assessments to try and work out where and how much and what this means in relations to school fundings etc.

  • Uni starts tomorrow, for a 3 week intensive, and I AM NOT READY!!!!

Hehehe Well that is the highlights!!!

MANY MANY HUGS & THANKS to Precious1 for keeping me posted and sane while I didnt have any net access (found the problem today lol, onboard ethernet card had died, added a standalone card and disabled onboard one and all is fixed, yayyyyyy).

Oh and if I dont get around to commenting on any of your blogs just yet, thats cause there is about 500 unread posts and thats not counting Kelleys blog lol (moved while I was away just to confuse me lolol, dont worry, I found it - hehe thanks for the post on the old blog with the redirect lol)




Lightening said...

WELCOME BACK BABE!!! We sure have missed you!!!! HUGE (((HUGS))). So nice to hear from you. :)

Dollfinn! said...

Thanks Lightening,

Tis good to be missed. No internet for weeks really makes me notice how many internet friends I have that I wonder how they are every day, and that I take for granted being able to talk to and share with each day.


Angel said...

Welcome back!
Missed your essays in others' comments ;)


Bettina said...

about time you got your arse back online woman!! lmao

Dollfinn! said...

Lol Bet you are sooo succint & I love you for it!

Dollfinn! said...

Angel I missed writing my essays too. Now if I can just get as enthused about the two x 2500 word essays I have to write over the next 6 weeks lolol. Now I just need a victim for my case study on a mental health issue and I will be ready to start on that one. Problem is, noone but myself, the marker and one friend ever read my essays, cause my family and most of my friends dont "do" technical medical stuff, so they have no appreciation for just how much work I put into one 2500 word essay (around 45 hours if you include all the reading of research as well as the fiddling to get referencing and page setups to print correctly, and 4 - 8 hours of actual writing and editing). So I really do enjoy writing novel posts and comments that people actually do read (cause i can tell by the responses) and even like or laugh or cry (depending on topic). And they even miss me when i dont comment, what better praise can i get!!! Thankyou from the depths of my heart!