Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Odd web things.

lol now my last comment on a friends blog apparently upset wordpress, it gave me a screen saying do you really want to post this cause it contains the word cialis. Heres me wondering where on earth they thought this word was (and what does it mean?).

Turns out its part of the word Specialist (which was in my post) lolol and its a brand name for Erectile dysfunction medication. lolol.

Another blog i like commenting on uses those horrid read the distorted letters then type them into this box for your comment to be accepted. Problem is, everytime i type them in, it never accepts them the first time and I have to type them again. I have double and triple checked that I am not using caps-on, spacing them or anything of the sort that might cause an issue, I am sure its just that the blog doesnt like me leaving comments lol (as in the actual blog server, not the blogger, cause I am sure the blogger would tell me if they didnt want me leaving comments).

What weird things have happened to you whilst blogging, posting or internet browsing??

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