Saturday, 19 June 2010

So what do you do when ......????????????????????

Your man has a low libido and only goes to bed to snore?????????

Your man spends all day watching porn while you are at work and then pays no attention to you when you get home?????

Notices all the "chicks" at the gym in the distracting lycra but is embarassed to be seen with you at the gym cause you are a little overweight and he is now getting muscly and confident with his appearance???????

Wants you to be fit and lose weight, wear sexy clothes etc, but doesn't want to help or support you to do so???

Has a tonne of internet profiles and only one says "in a relationship", the rest say single, or nothing at all, none of them mention my name, none of them have a photo of us together or even just a pic of me with girlfriend or partner labelled on it????????

Spends all his time reading posts on a forum written by males who believe "alpha" means treating all women with disrespect, calling them bishes and ho's and picks up bad mannerisms and patterns of speech and even in his own words, needs to stay away from it, but keeps going back like an addiction???????????

Yet he helps out around the house even though it isnt his home, buys food when he knows i am having a tight financial week, helps out with my kids sometimes & late at night he has nightmares if I am not sleeping next to him.

What am I supposed to think or do??

I am sooo confused.

I love this man, I want to marry him. Even more, I want him to love me so much that he wants to marry me. That he has eyes for no other woman, let alone "chicks". That he is proud to be with me, to have me in his life and wants the world to know it.

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lightening said...

Oh dear. I think you need to have a serious discussion (calmly of course) about how his actions make you feel. If he doesn't appear to care or change then you have to seriously consider whether you deserve to be treated that way for the rest of your life. :(