Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Could I just have one week where nothing breaks down or goes wrong???washing machine shorted the house out at 3am Tuesday. Had to unplug everything in the dark cause I didn't know it was the washing machine at that stage, then ring the neighbour as his dogs don't like ppl near their fenceline at any time let alone 3am. Then climb out a window to get to power box (easiest route with no lights) and switch house back on. With me working thurs/fri/sat the earliest the repairman can get to it is next Monday. It was mid load with work clothes, kids swimmers & schoolwear & the mans work uniform. Handwashed swimmers & chucked the rest in the bathtub, but got sidetracked by preteen not doing as asked, came back inside & thought wow sounds like a waterfall OH Shite!!! Bathtub overflowing onto bathroom floor. 6 towels later it's semi dry. Preteen not listening, late for swimming, get there boo has no goggles. Grrrrrrr Grrrr grrr!! Working extra days this week & next week which is good for the bank balance but extra pita when trying to get repairmen out, plus washing machine will eat a chunk of paypacket & car is making weird flashing on dash when first started, so guarantee it needs to visit the mechanic real soon (I told it that if it breaks down before then that I am walking away & leaving it there). In the next three weeks have six school things to attend or drop kids off to, booked in to do a 2day course, working 8 days & attending 2 bday parties with kids, so can't afford car to break down (work is 40mins @ avg 80km/hr away, walking is not an option). Oh yeah & have to deal with centrelink again :/ So please God, CeilingCat & any other entity, let me get through the next three weeks!!!

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Bettina said...

Crap Erin... and what are you planning for an encore? :|