Thursday, 1 October 2009

Todays Men - A VENT!!

Brand new tyre (well 14 days old), drove over a screw and punctured it on the way to swimming lessons, so I ended up having to change a dead flat rear tyre on a stationwagon in the middle of a carpark.

Not a problem because for all of the things my father has done wrong in my life, he did that one thing very right, he made sure I am independant, capable and able to do anything I set my mind too.

HOWEVER, I was amazed to watch 30 (yes I am anal enough to have counted them all) cars drive past me in the car park, 20 of them having healthy looking males in them, a lot wearing tradesmen or council clothing AND NOT 1 stopped to offer me help, but plenty stopped within metres of me to park their car and get out to go to the pool or the gym.

Several men came out of the gym, grinned, ogled boobs (i was not dressed for changing tyres today) and then got in their cars and drove off!! BASTARDS!!! . Only offer of help that I got was from a 50+ year old woman!!!

No matter that i am capable and independant (even with a bruised cruciate and a broken toe),



Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

People, as a rule, suck.

Both genders...

Glad to see you back on the horse.

Mistress B said...

how goddam rude!

Dollfinn! said...

Thanks Kel and B.

I had to get the tyre repaired the next day ($25 uggh) and I had to get the tyre out of the back of the car myself as the tyre man had one hand in a cast and the other staff member was out brake testing a car, and I was talking to him about it and he shook his head and remarked that being in a retail service he notices how few people still have or use their manners anymore, and simple things like holding a door open for a lady with a pram, or standing up on public transport to let the elderly person sit down etc were almost obsolete in todays society.

Lightening said...

ROFLOL - I just got a content warning when I tried to open your blog!!! Never had that one before! :)

As for the tyre dilemma, sadly, some females have been rather abusive to men who have offered to help. I'm sure it's a bit of both (rude men AND rude women) though. My DH found himself on the end of a rather nasty tongue lashing when he once stopped to help someone. Apparently they were insulted because they felt he was insinuating they weren't capable of it themselves. *sigh*

I'd be stuffed if that happened to me as I can't change a tyre to save myself!!!! My DH just tells me that's why he pays my automobile membership.

Dollfinn! said...

Lightening, LOL at the reaction to the content warning, it was an option in settings and considering I am so politically incorrect and talk about anything, figured it might as well go up there just incase I offend anyone, that way they have been prewarned and really have no room for complaint if they dont like what they read.

Damn stupid person that abused your hubby, cant imagine why anyone would abuse someone who was OFFERING HELP!! I might tell a person such as your husband "thankyou but I am fine with it" and then thank them profusely for the offer of help, but would never occur to me to abuse someone for offering. I too have auto membership, but I would feel like a goose ringing them to come change the tyre when I can do it myself.

And Lightening, now that you have mastered tractor driving, get that hubby of yours to teach you basic car repairs, just incase you get stuck in a spot where there is no phone reception etc.