Saturday, 29 March 2008


Ok now another Smiley Saturday Initiative from Lightening was the Saturday Swaps. My swap partner A, lives in a rural area, a few hours outside a regional city, as do I (although my rural area is considered a rural city), so I dont know yet wether she has received the parcel from me, it can take up to two weeks to get a parcel to or from my area and this has had two public holidays occur since posting, so I will put up the pics I took of the parcel I sent to her and when I receive the parcel from her in return I will put up another post.

The pics above are of little lavender sachets, that were made from our own homegrown lavender, that has been dried in bunches hanging in our house and then my children helped to remove any stalks or spiky bits, to handmill the flowers to release more oil into the mix and then bagged in pretty sachets. There was PINK (part of the swap conditions) and maroon bags. Added to this two little easter chickens for A's two little boys and a necklace for A, who always has such beautiful clothes and I really felt this would look fantastic on her. The bag was an addition made by my beautiful Boo (7 next month) who thought the swap idea was the most fantastic thing she had ever heard of (pretty presents when its not your birthday!). Didnt have any cards, so printed a letter on dolphin stationery and folded it to fit inside the bag.

Will post pics when I receive my parcel from A.



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Jayne said...

They look great :)